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About Audiovisual Days

Västsvenska Filmdagarna has been arranged for seven consecutive years and at an early stage evolved into an open, popular and important meeting place for the film industry and those with a general interest in film. We are now changing the name to Audiovisual Days

Changing the name was a natural step in our ambition to continue to offer a wide range of content on current international topics – not only the film industry – but also for everyone involved in the development of film, television, games, VR/AR/XR and other moving images. If you want to gain insight, learn more and make new contacts for creating tomorrow’s powerful stories and experiences then we invite you to once again attend two jam-packed days with us.

New technology in the form of 360, VR and AR is also rapidly emerging and is highly relevant in many areas, for example, art, film, games, music, e-sport, theater and communication/advertising. Västsvenska Filmdagarna stimulates and inspires artists, creators, scriptwriters and producers to test and make use of the technology of the future at an early stage.

Västsvenska Filmdagarna has played a key role in serving as a source of inspiration and a meeting point between the film industry established in the region and talents and young people. The international elements of the event have gradually expanded over the past two years, meaning that the relevance to the both the regional and national established industry has also increased.

The format of the event is unique – it is open to all the public and a large number of different organizations are invited to attend, many of which choose to get involved, and the content is reaching a wider range of target groups.

Based on the great success of Västsvenska Filmdagarna, we have jointly established a productive and important meeting place – Audiovisual Days.

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