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Listen to the podcast from Nålsögat: How to establish yourself as a scriptwriter?

More films and TV series than ever are being produced in Sweden, and demand for scriptwriters is great. At the same time, it’s said that entering the film and television industry — and making a living from your work — is more difficult that ever. If this is true, why is this the case? K-play, the podcast from Kulturakademin, is sharing a discussion held during Audiovisual Days.

Conditions for scriptwriters were discussed during Audiovisual Days in two panel discussions under the title “Nålsögat — how the h*ll do you do it? (Breaking In Stories).” Nålsögat is a podcast aimed at working scriptwriters and author-directors, all of whom at some point have asked themselves: “How the h*ll do scriptwriters today work and support themselves?”

You can now listen in on the two panel discussions in Kulturakademin’s podcast K-play, which was developed in partnership with Manusfabriken.

Production: Kulturakademin
Sound technician: Peter Andersson
Moderator: Gunnar Eriksson

Nålsögat, Part 1 

In the first part of the discussion, five established scriptwriters share their experiences: how they got into the industry, how they go about their projects, and the challenges they have encountered over the years.

nalsogat_-_samtal_1_0.jpgGunnar Eriksson with the screenwriters Oskar Söderlund, Niclas Ekström, Karin Arrhenius, Jessica Jankert and Morgan Jensen. 

Listen to part 1 here 


Nålsögat, Part 2

In the second part of the discussion, representatives from production companies and television channels talk about the role of the script, sharing their experiences from collaborations with authors and from script development. In addition, they provide concrete tips and advice about how to proceed with a manuscript at various stages.

Gunnar Eriksson with Magdalena Jangard, Annika Hellström, Daniel Lägersten and Peter Zell.

Listen to part 2 here